Internet has been down..crazy week..

Im sooo very sorry for not posting the pictures up like I said I would..I got home on Thursday and found out that our brand-new computer is not working anymore, our Wii system is not working anymore and we have no Internet through out the house (so I could not use my laptop)..all from one storm..and we have surge protectors..so who knows...but our new computer is fine now, were still working on the Wii system, and well now I have Internet..YYEEPPIIEEE!!! Im just updating everyone on why I have not put the wonderful pictures up yet..but my brother has stopped by just know to visit so I promise (if all goes well) that I will update the blog tonight and show you the wonderful pictures of the beautiful mansion my parents stayed in, and the room they had was called the "Library Room"..how awesome is that?? a full wall was a library..that makes my heart sooo very happy to think of that, it just sounds romantic..doesn't it?? well off I go, I will be back..::terminator voice:: hehe

Ps: I will leave you with a little short story about something that I love love love...Have you ever had the pleasure of watching Dharma and Greg?? I must admit I am absolutely in love with that show..well it stopped airing on television (and I was so sad about that) but I bought all the seasons on dvd and stayed up till 4am this morning watching half of the dvds..haha but honestly the reason I love the show so much is because it makes me want to be a better person..shes so goofy and fun, but so forgiving and loving and of course hippie'ish..which I love so much!! but honestly if you have never seen it, watch a few episodes online or something..its a goofy lighthearted show..well have a lovely day..I will be back tonight to show you my new drawings that I have done while my Internet is down..its funny how much I will accomplish when I do not have Internet..hhmm!!! au revoir

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