Lots of news..crying, pottery, the surprise..EVERYTHING!!!

Hello darling, Im sooo very sorry its been soo long since Ive written to you, I have been so busy this week with school..so many test and paper due..Im so very sorry..ohh and I have some bad news, im not gonna have the surprise anytime soon..ill just let you in on the surprise because you will not be angry at me for not having it soon..;p Im making some awesome pottery in my pottery class, and I wanted to give a piece away, so Ive been working really hard at making it really pretty (this is the first time in my life that Ive EVER made pottery).. (picture found on google)
so Ive been working at it, re-doing it, and working on it some more..so we were supposed to glaze them, but my school still has not sent our class the glazes, so were just waiting around for the glazes to finish our pottery..so I swear I will still give one away, but I have no clue how long it will take, depends on my school..so I swear I did not forget, in fact it has been driving me nuts..haha but enough about that..I hope everyone is doing great, and getting in the Halloween spirit, I know I am..I bought a pair of orange and black stripped socks..I love them..they look something like these..

and I have been wearing them around like a little girl..haha (talk about get some stares..haha)..Speaking of all things HALLOWEEN, one of my favorite blogger, is hosting a Halloween party..you should definitely check it out..

Im so excited about it, she always has the best parties..

ohh before I forget..I have something to tell you..Ive been working on another little project, my very own "HowTo" website..right now I just have a video of how to style bangs, but Im going to put up alot of videos on how to do makeup correctly (Ive been in MaryKay cosmetics for 7 years now, and I grew up around makeup my whole life) so I know some tips and tricks..and after watching videos of girls pulling out eyelashes, and damaging hair, I decided it was my turn to give tips on doing makeup and hair (with out the damage..haha) so you can check me out on there too..ok so now that all of that is said..how was your week?? anything exciting happen while I was gone?? unusual maybe?? well today was one of those days where somethings happen and makes you feel insignificant..you know what I mean?? for example, I was driving to school early this morning (and I was late for class) and Im going down the street in downtown, when I looked over and saw a homeless man (not unusual to see in downtown) but when I really looked at him, he was walking fast and had his hands across his face, crying...it broke me heart, I actually teared up when I saw that..but I couldnt do anyting at that moment (I was down a one way street, that is super long) so reluctantly I had to keep driving..then it made me think, "Wow..there are so many problems in this world, I have NOTHING to complain about..so what that I have a tummy ache, so what that Im late, so what that Im having a bad hair day..there are people out there with serious problems.." so after feeling so guilty for not stopping and maybe giving him a hug, or just talk to him, I went to class, and we didnt even have class because our glazes are not in yet..haha so I just went home, and now Im here telling you all about it..so what would you have done?? would you have stopped?? given him a hug?? or just talk to him?? or would you have just given money?? I hate that I havent done something, I know I should have..but I have to stop beating my self up about it..so thats what I meant by insignificant feeling..so anyways, on a happy note, my darling little squirrel is going to be free in a week..Ohhh my goodness, what am I going to do with out my new little pet?? but he will do soo good in the real world..and Im kind of relived to let him be free..he seems to LOVE to chew on WIRES..ohh yeah, you heard me right, live wires..my lights, my laptop charger, EVERYTHING..its horrible, so he will have lots to chew on when he is released..but he will be missed..haha ok, I just found this picture on google, it is the cutest thing I have EVER seen...

Dont you just love it..you want to squeeze those chubby little cheeks..hehe ok darling, Im going to play with my little squirrel and do some homework..Ill come back soon..I promise..and I will keep you updated on the "surprise"..haha ok darling, take care, and tell me what you've been up to lately, I feel so left behind since I havent been here in awhile...


Hurricane, Adorable creature, Spooooky..Halloween..and much much more..

Well hello darlings..sorry it has been so long since I last spoke to you..wont you sit and have a cup of coffee...or pumpkin spice tea.. (reminds me of fall, which I love sooooo very much..found this pic. on google)

OK, so I want to hear all about what you have been doing while I was gone..did you have parties, did you make new beautiful art?? or did you relax and enjoy some cake or tea?? well let me tell you about what I have been up to for the last 2 weeks...It has been crazy over here..We are recovering from hurricane Gustav which roared through us and tore up the baton rouge area..brought down many trees, tore off alot of roofs, and just caused ALOT of trouble out here..Ill show you some pictures of the TALL lanky pine tree that came tumbling down on our roof..
ohhhh..yeah, you see how close it is to my car right??well can you see how close from this angle??? well we were VERY VERY lucky that it landed on our garage instead our actual house, but thank God we have that brick column, it held up the tree, and prevented it from crushing both cars under the garage..but one really good thing that came from this (actually two really good things)...(this is Gabby, which is Noels sister..and that is Gustav on top of her head..) AAANNNDDD...this is Ike..my darling..(dont worry, Im not gonna keep him locked up forever..hes learning how to jump right now, so in a couple of weeks, Im going to set this little man free)
But is was the strangest thing..one of them was in a puddle of water, under my car..and my neighbor heard something squeaking so she ran over and looked under my car, and saw a little squirrel..drenched, cold, and scared...he looked into her eyes for a few mins, and then ran up her arm and she ran to our door and gave him to us...(that was Gustav)..now the story of Ike..my brother was in the back yard looking at the tree that fell..(he is 6'4'') a very tall guy..and he was a baby squirrel running towards him, so he bent down and put out hes hand..after about 3 mins..the squirrel did the same thing..he just ran up my brothers arm and unto his shoulder..so he gave Ike to me..and now Im taking care of the little darling, until hes completely ready to go into the wild...hes finally getting enough confidence to explore and run up things, and yesterday he started jumping..which is a wonderful sign..so that is the story of the wonderful little gifts that we received from such a horrible storm..:)
Ohh..let me tell you about my art day...sooo..last Saturday (while our electricity was still out, yeah..it was out for a week) we went to the LSU museum of art, and I found some awesome paintings..let me show you a few (I caught a few of this lovely paintings, before the security guard started yelling at me..haha)..this was my favorite piece..
Dont you just love them??? ohh the last on, with the clock ::right above:: is actually a 3d art, but I couldn't capture that with my camera..but I fell in love with all of those beautiful pieces of art..
Speaking of things that I love love love...Im sooo obnoxiously excited that fall is right around the corner..the crisp breeze, the changing colored leaves, the warm clothes, the pumpkin pies..apple pies..ohh and one of the most fantastic holidays ever..HALLOWEEN!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! don't you absolutly love fall?? or are you more of a spring type, or maybe summer??? Im a fall, and winter person, myself...;p but one thing I fell head over heels with was...the fall issue of CountryHome magazine..it had Martha Stewart halloween decorations..it was sooo beautiful, and spooookkkyyyy...

ohhh doesn't this put you in the halloween mood??? I want to watch scary movies now..hhmm...I found this great website that has all kind of scary movies to watch on halloween..check it out...I have to watch a movie (I've never seen, or even heard of before now) its called "Suspiria"..have you seen it, is it worth watching?? do you want to know something soo funny?? I love love love watching scary movies, but I hate that I get soo scared afterwards..you see, I have a WILD imagination..I swear that I seen someone in the hall, or I heard something from the closet..ect..you know what I mean?? WILD..haha but some of my all time favorite classic Halloween movies are...

The Adams Family..

The Nightmare Before Christmas..

Hocus Pocus..(I love this movie)

And of course..Beetlejuice...

Soo..which brings me to my question..what are your favorite movies for Halloween?? I would love to hear..I plan on celebrating Halloween 2 weeks before, with all kind of good Halloween movies..so I need some great movies..do you like the gorey movies, maybe the cartoon Halloween movies?? which ever ones, I would love to hear from you..

ohh my surprise was put off from the hurricane, but now that everything is in order, Ill try and finish it by Friday..and then we will hold a drawing to see who wins the PRIZE...yay aren't you excited?? I know I am...ok darling..well I have to go eat..I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend..take care darling..au revoir