Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!!


Jumping on the band wagon..

I must admit..I NEVER follow fashion designers.
Im just not that interested in today's 'fashion'.
I am a lot more interested in vintage fashion (era 1930s-1970).
So I could not be happier to show off (in my opinion) one of the greatest fashion designers..Which I am pretty sure EVERYONE has heard about this woman.. 
Ulyana Sergeenko 
 She is bringing sexy back..haha I am in love with the Bridgette bardot inspired clothing and hair..

Everything is just so feminine..

(backstage photos via This website)


Pin Up Love

Ladies of the blog world..through years of trial and error, research, and observation (I was majoring in Psychology before getting married..I love to study people) I have discovered a secret about men..
Men treat women entirely different ( and with a hell of a lot more respect) if she puts forth effort to actually look good, and dress like a 'lady'..(you think it would be common sense, but apparently not to most girls/women)
here are some examples of real ladies:

If you have not noticed, all the ladies have simple makeup; eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and red lips..
I have been doing my makeup (like the examples above) for 2 months now, and every man I have come across has complimented it.
This new makeup routine of mine only takes 4 minutes in the morning..and I usually put sponge rollers in my hair at night and wake up with beautiful curls..
It really is so easy for women to look beautiful, you just have to put in some effort..

I honestly believe there is NO reason for a women to look frumpy, when you can take 5 minutes of your morning to put on foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick and look like a bombshell.
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So Inspiring

Check out this video..she is so inspiring..and has created a world that I would love to join..
(video discovered on this blog)
And these pictures are perfect to go along with the video (barn house)


Halloween Night

We handed out candy at the In-Laws house (which is a HUGE neighborhood with TONS of children)..
and I made sure to dress up..:)
Which was S0o0o0o easy..just some white eyeshadow,black liquid liner and red lipstick..
ohhh and the ears (which came from one of my Disney world trips)
 Hubby did not want to dress up...
I hope everyone had a wonderful halloween...Im going to go stuff my self with milk duds and snickers now..
Food coma here I come...


This is Halloween..everybody SCREAM!!!

Welcome one and all..to a Halloween party that will rock your socks..
(via countryliving)
(via countryliving)
I would first like to thank our Queen of the evening, for bringing all of us together and celebrating a spectacular day..
Ms Valencia is such an amazing blogger..she is incredibly inspiring, and so sweet..make sure to thank her (when you visit her) for hosting such a wonderful party!!

(via youtube)
I have been listening to this so much since October has begun..It is a tradition for my husband and I to watch this movie every year around Halloween..(even though it is referring to Christmas mostly)
I love Halloween, dressing up as ghouls or goblins, witches and ghost..all running around looking for treats to eat..
What are you planning to be for Halloween??
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(via tissuecloud)
(via tissuecloud)
Im going to take it easy this Halloween and dress up as a cat (paint the tip of my nose black, throw on cat ears, and a black outfit..WHAM..there you have an easy halloween cat outfit..haha)
Then Im going to hand out candy and watch Halloween movies all night long, such as:

(images via google)
Well witches and ghouls, have a wonderful time roaming around from party to party..



Ohhh my goodness, these pictures bring back memories of my childhood..going to the Barnum and Bailey circus..

All pics via flavorwire
 Heres a little tid-bit about me, I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to hop on that circus train and join in on the act...(since I was a wee little tot, up until this very day)..
There is truly something utterly fascinating about the circus..


Honey, Yogurt, Oatmeal cookies..YUMMY!!!

I was craving something sweet..and we have nothing in the house at the moment that could satisfy my sweet tooth..
So I found a recipe online and Voila...sweet tooth cravings are subdued (for now at least) haha
I didnt have some of the ingredients, so I had to improvise...here is my version:
Picture via diaryfreerecipies
 Honey, Yogurt, Oatmeal cookies:
 1cup yogurt (I used greek yogurt)
1cup brown sugar
2tbs flax seed mixed with 6tbs water (sub. for eggs)
11/2cups whole wheat flour
1tsp baking soda
1tsp salt
3 cups oatmeal
1/2cup honey
mix all ingredients together
Bake on 350' for 10-12 mins..
and enjoy this yummy treat



First let me start off by saying...I have no clue how people find the motivation to write a blog post everyday..I highly admire that initiative..and really wish I had that determination..haha
None the less, I want to update you on a few things..
First and foremost, if you have not signed up yet, head on over to Ms. Valencias blog and get signed up for the Halloween party..
She is the queen of parties and decorations..(<--Check out the link for pure awesomeness)
Next up, I wanted to post this picture via English Muse blog..I thought is was pretty witty..
And lastly, I have been having a hard time getting into the Halloween spirit..which is one of my ALL TIME favorite holidays..so Ive been trying to get into the spirit by watching scary movies like 
Session 9
and Case 39
(pictures via Wikipedia)
Both are fairly good movies, but in all honesty...it is not getting me in the Halloween spirit..instead, it is just scaring the crap outta me, and making me leave all the lights on at night..haha
So I figured I would bake some things to get me in the spirit (I love baking goodies) and I found this recipe via pinterest
Tonight I will make an attempt at cooking this delicious looking treat!!
Hope you have a wonderful day