Queens, houses, islands..

G00d morning darlings...so I must update you on my darling mommy..she is recovering from the shots (that went in her neck..yyiieekk) pretty well, still has pain from where the shots went in, but she is taking it easy now and resting like a Queen.. we have been watching movies like Nims Island..Gone with the Wind..(my ultimate favorite movie)
And the wonderful Nanny Mcphee..and we have been pigging out on yummy chocolate...Do you want a piece darling?? Go ahead, take a piece..I adore chocolate..Im a self proclaimed chocoholic..hehe how about you, are you a chocoholic too??;pYesterday I had a WONDERFUL surprise at my door..A PACKAGE..from the darling Mrs Kathy, you MUST check out her wonderful blog..so many beautiful pictures, and wonderful crafts that she puts together...it really is a must see!! Soooo yesterday I was cooking a recipe from Gourmet Momma (another must see blog) and the door bell rung..so I rannnn to the door, excited to see who was there..I was being sneaky though, and peaking through the peak hole in the door..and to my surprise, no one was there...was it my imagination??Noo..I know I heard the doorbell, was it fairy's playing tricks on me?? you know, those fairy's are very mischievous and tricky little creatures..so I opened the giant wooden door...and there it was..so wonderful, so very wonderful..A PACKAGE!!! YYYIIEEEPPEE!!! ( I Love love love surprises)
so I opened the wonderful package..and could it be??YESSSS...
The inspirational art..the Quote says "What would you attempt to do if you know you could not fail"..isn't that wonderful?? ::swoon::and this wonderful little note..

thank you sooooo very much Mrs.Kathy..you are truly amazing!! (by the way, the date on the pictures is very wrong..I need to reset the date on my camera..)
ohh I need everyone's help with a little project Im about to embark on..I bought a little cardboard box house from hobby lobby, and I want to paint it..but I can not figure our what colors to paint it..pink? yellow? blue? so many to pick from, and then I can't help but be in a Halloween mood (Halloween stuff at every store I have been too) so should I make it a haunted house?? ohh I dont know, what do you think?? speaking of houses..how wonderful is this display?? (I found the picture on google)..ok darlings, well Im going to finally get ready for the day (11:25am time to get going) I hope you have a wonderful day..and if you have any stories to tell, I would love to hear them..anything..it could be about houses, movies, queens..fairys..anything you can think of..I would love to hear from you!! au revoir


KathyJ said...

Hi Kristin,

You are such a sweetie! I love your post, and I love the last one too, your pictures are wonderful!

So glad to hear your Mom is doing okay, what a scary thing to go through!

Oh, and about the cardboard house, I say haunted house!!!

Chickenbells said...

I am so happy that your mother is recovering!

I love Nanny McPhee so very much...and I absolutely adore their house and would move in, in a pinch...even if Nanny McPhee was there!

The chocolate looks very wonderful....