Rouge velours, poterie..et bien plus encore!!!

Bonjour lovely's...I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend..mine was pretty good, my darling came to visit me and it was wonderful..I made some cupcakes, RED VELVET cupcakes..
ohh don't they look beautiful?? that beautiful red color..I absolutely feel in love with this gorgeous red color...Don't you just love that color?? I wish I could just capture it in a jar and preserve it forever..just so I can stand in awe of this color...I must sound so weird, but it absolutely took my breath away when I saw this color...you know what I mean?
But ohhh my, when I put the cream cheese frosting...OOOHHHH..it was divine!!!

(picture found on google) Would you like one darling?? doesn't it just look scrumptious?? Here darling, this one is for you!! Speaking of cupcakes, I love love love looking at beautiful cupcakes..like these..

(Found on Google)

For some reason these cupcakes remind me of Paris..going to a cute little cafe and eating a beautiful little cupcake..ahh romance in the air..haha anyways..speaking of french.... I found vintage french ads....

I love vintage ads..they are so elegant looking, wouldn't you say?? But something I found very funny, while looking through vintage ads..this one for cigarettes..I honestly laughed when I read the small print.."your throat protection against irritation against cough.." HAHAHAHASo now that you had a little laugh, I must say good bye..I have pottery sketches that I must do, adding and subtracting from my pottery sphere..I have never done it before, so I need all the time I can get!!!haha ok darling, well I hope you have a great week..I will be back soon..ohh please keep my mom in your prayers (still) she still is hurting very bad and in bad health..so please keep her in your prayers..and thank you so much for your kind emails..ohh I will also start painting my little house..I decided that ya'll were right about doing a haunted house (I love Halloween, so I'm excited about it)YAY!!! I'm thinking of something like this...
000ooo scary!!! hehe..and I have a secret..I can not wait to tell you..but I must keep is ::hush hush:: right now..ok darling, au revoir!!


Emergency Room, Death, New life..and much more!! ~CAUTION..VERY GRAPHIC~

Hello darlings, sit down and let me tell you about the very interesting week I have had...many tears have fallen...
some lives have passed, and a new life was born..if you have read my post below, you would know that my mom had shattered nerves in her shoulder from an accident 2 years ago, well they finally decided to give her an epidural steroid shot in her back to help with the pain (the shot was given Thursday august 14th) and she felt better later thursday..but thursday night she was feeling a little funky, she said her left side of the body was a little numb and she felt pressure on her lungs, but she didn't think it was bad enough to go check it out (my mom is a very hard headed,and pain tolerant woman.) so she dealt with it, but each day that passed she felt worse and the breathing became harder for her..well her doctors office was closed on the weekend so she just "dealt" with the discomfort..(ohh the doctors office did call her Friday night to ask how she was feeling, just to check on her after the surgery, and she told them that she didnt feel to well, and they told her to wait till Monday and then come back to talk to the doctor) but Sunday night was getting really bad for her and she was in ALOT of pain, by this time, she had a horrible pain in her back and her lungs hurt...well Monday was my first day of classes again, and I got out of school at 10am, and I called my mom to see how she was feeling...well my dad picked up and told me to get home as soon as possible, because I need to bring her to the emergency room...
(my dad was in an accident about 15 years ago that almost completely blinded him, he sees "partially" out of one eye..and blind in the other eye..and from a drunk driver hitting him, but that's a story for another time)
so he couldn't bring her to the hospital..so I rushed home and picked up my mom and dad..she couldn't even talk, because she had no oxygen and could barely breath..so we went to the hospital (usually you would wait 2 hours to get into the emergency beds..) and they checked her blood pressure, then oxygen level..then ran to the back grabbed an oxygen tank and hooked her up..immediately brought her to an emergency bed..well were freaking out, wondering whats wrong with her...the nurses started all kind of test on her..well after one hour on the oxygen machine, she was looking MUCH better, the swelling in her face was gone, and she had color back in her skin..and she could breath again..but still had horrible pains in her lungs and back..well after 3 hours passed and some test done, they still had no clue what was going on with her..and then a nurse ran down the hall screaming "CODE BLUE" "CODE BLUE"...and every nurse and doctor ran to the room 2 doors from us..we heard alot of commotion going on in there..well later we found out that the man 2 doors down from us died while trying to be revived..but our head nurse wouldnt be back for at least 3 hours because while trying to revive him, blood went EVERYWHERE, and she was covered in it..so she had to pull her self together, and get cleaned up..and then another code blue was being yelled down the hallway..apparently a man came in, heart attack, and he died too...so that was kinda traumatic...but the doctors ended up doing around 6 test on my mom, and still had no clue whats wrong..and then around 11pm (yes, we arrived at the hospital at 10am, and she actually didnt get out of emergency room until 3am..17 hours in the emergency room) the doctors ordered an emergency MRI test, well they found out that she has a hematoma pressing on her spinal cord, and lungs..(hints the pain in the back, and the loss of oxygen) well this is EXTREMELY rare..that she would get a hematoma from and epidural shot..so they had to call many doctors (about 15 doctors called, and found ONE doctor who knew how to handle it)..well she was finally transferred from emergency room to neuromedical room..and stayed there for 2 days..they released her today because she's breathing better..they have her on steroids and hoping that the hematoma will be dissolved into the body, but we have to watch her carefully and make sure that she is breathing good, and not running fever or anything like that..so she's doing better, but please keep her in your prayers..please, she still needs alot of prayers to get through this...But we found out that our good friend Jackie had her baby while we were in the emergency room..The little boy came out very healthy and Jackie is doing good too..(what is really odd though, we found out that around the same time the man down the hallway lost his life, Jackies little boy was born.) But experience also made me realize that I want to become an E.R. Nurse, and save lives..I was thinking of becoming a nurse (awhile back) but all the nurse's I have ever seen worked in a quite environment, and handed out medications, and cleaned up the patient..but honestly that is not what I want to do..I want to help people, but not that type of nursing..you know what I mean?? the atmosphere of the E.R. is more of my type of atmosphere..well after I seen the nurses in the E.R. I knew that I would like this nursing field..so if any one is an E.R. nurse, or knows someone, please give me information about that field..(online research can only give you so much info)!! but on a brighter note, I started classes again, and Im taking a pottery class, and Im sooooo excited about it..I bought all my materials already and I can not wait to start!!! my other classes are good too..Im actually enjoying this semester, and praying that it stays that way..but I have to wake up at 5am and get ready for my pottery class, so Im going to sleep..please keep my mom in your prayers, she needs as many prayers as possible..thank you so much and have a good night..au revoir


Queens, houses, islands..

G00d morning darlings...so I must update you on my darling mommy..she is recovering from the shots (that went in her neck..yyiieekk) pretty well, still has pain from where the shots went in, but she is taking it easy now and resting like a Queen.. we have been watching movies like Nims Island..Gone with the Wind..(my ultimate favorite movie)
And the wonderful Nanny Mcphee..and we have been pigging out on yummy chocolate...Do you want a piece darling?? Go ahead, take a piece..I adore chocolate..Im a self proclaimed chocoholic..hehe how about you, are you a chocoholic too??;pYesterday I had a WONDERFUL surprise at my door..A PACKAGE..from the darling Mrs Kathy, you MUST check out her wonderful blog..so many beautiful pictures, and wonderful crafts that she puts together...it really is a must see!! Soooo yesterday I was cooking a recipe from Gourmet Momma (another must see blog) and the door bell rung..so I rannnn to the door, excited to see who was there..I was being sneaky though, and peaking through the peak hole in the door..and to my surprise, no one was there...was it my imagination??Noo..I know I heard the doorbell, was it fairy's playing tricks on me?? you know, those fairy's are very mischievous and tricky little creatures..so I opened the giant wooden door...and there it was..so wonderful, so very wonderful..A PACKAGE!!! YYYIIEEEPPEE!!! ( I Love love love surprises)
so I opened the wonderful package..and could it be??YESSSS...
The inspirational art..the Quote says "What would you attempt to do if you know you could not fail"..isn't that wonderful?? ::swoon::and this wonderful little note..

thank you sooooo very much Mrs.Kathy..you are truly amazing!! (by the way, the date on the pictures is very wrong..I need to reset the date on my camera..)
ohh I need everyone's help with a little project Im about to embark on..I bought a little cardboard box house from hobby lobby, and I want to paint it..but I can not figure our what colors to paint it..pink? yellow? blue? so many to pick from, and then I can't help but be in a Halloween mood (Halloween stuff at every store I have been too) so should I make it a haunted house?? ohh I dont know, what do you think?? speaking of houses..how wonderful is this display?? (I found the picture on google)..ok darlings, well Im going to finally get ready for the day (11:25am time to get going) I hope you have a wonderful day..and if you have any stories to tell, I would love to hear them..anything..it could be about houses, movies, queens..fairys..anything you can think of..I would love to hear from you!! au revoir


~La nuit française~

Hello lovely's...I must tell you about my bad luck day that turned out so relaxing..well as you know (from the blog post below) that my my white sheets were miraculously clean, and smelled wonderful..well this morning I did one of the many things that make me happy(read post below)..I grabbed a cup of coffe, went to my beautiful, clean bed and layed down in ultimate comfort..then after a few sips of lovely french vanilla coffe (with Irish Cream) and really starting to wake up...
my dear mommy walked in to greet me good morning, when I went to hug her I knocked my coffee cup and HOT coffee went splashing ALL over me and my pristine sheets..well I definitely woke up fast..jumping out of bed and running like a crazy lady to grab something to get the hot coffee of me and my sheets..well then I was a little perturbed by that..I ripped my sheets of the bed and had to wash them AGAIN..well I tried to calm down a little and realized how sore my neck was (Im talking about that sore where it hurts to move) and keep wondering if I slept wrong or what..then I remembered last night I tried to do yoga (haven't done yoga in a least a year) and I started off with a "Beginners" yoga..HAHAHAHAHA beginners my ass (*excuse my french please*)..the woman on the dvd went into corpse pose, which is sooo relaxing and easy..then grabbed one leg and started stretching it above her while laying on her back, well Im not that limber, so my legs were bent slightly, then she took her leg and put it ALL THE WAY behind her head..it was the craziest thing I have EVER seen..so again..beginners, my ass..so after attempting a lot of those crazy moves in the dvd for "beginners", I woke up soo very sore from that.. so today did not start off to well, but I was trying to be optimistic and forget about my bad luck morning..so lunch time came around, and I was home alone..so I started cooking chicken pasta..well I was cooking (Im not trying to brag, but I have really good cooking skills from my mom, and take pride in my cooking)and while I was letting the chicken cook in the skillet, and the pasta cool off, and the sauce on low...
I heard someone pull up, I went outside and it was my uncle, so I talked to him for about 20 mins outside and then I heard sizzling (I was outside and could hear it coming from inside my house) so I ran inside, and the whole house was smokey, the chicken was completely burnt on the bottom, I was so upset, then I checked the sauce, and most of it was stuck on the bottom...well I have NEVER burnt anything before..and I was sooo upset at that point..so I scrapped off the burnt part of chicken and poured some sauce over my noodles..and it wasn't that bad..haha but I was still very upset that all this was going on..Have you ever had one of those days that is just ultimately clumsy day for you?? well I haven't had one in a loooong time, and so this day took me by surprise and rattled my nerves soo bad...so I went to my room to relax (its my sanctuary) and a corner of my room was a complete disaster..Art stuff EVERYWHERE..I mean 3 bags full of art supplies, sketch books everywhere, my carrying case was a disaster, pencils scattered..so I bought some clear plastic drawers and organized everything..it looks so clean now..I love it..and then repainted my little table (on the side of my bed)..and then started getting ready for my date night (my mom and I got out every Thursday, shopping or eating out..just to catch up with each other..)
We went to On The Boarder Mexican cuisine..so good..and then to the town center and shopped at Kirkland's home decor...ohh my, I could live in there..I love is sooo much!! Don't you just love walking into that store and seeing all the beautiful decor?? So after walking around town center in 100 degree heat, we needed something to drink, and bad...crossed the street to
Book-a-Million and stayed there for 2 hours looking through all home decor magazines..that cheered me up sooo much, like country home, vogue, town and country, country french..ect..
Then we came home, and I couldn't move my neck, I had a HUGE knot in my shoulder..hard as a rock..so I poured a HOT bubble bath (I haven't taken a bubble bath in months..)and put on french music..and stayed there for almost 2 hours...soooooo relaxing..I was in heaven..Then I went to my room and decided to keep the french style going..and watched some of my Bridgette bardot collection dvds..which I love so much..makes me want to be in Paris at that very moment..and then one of my favorite movies, and actresses..Mrs Elizabeth Taylor in...
"The Last Time I Saw Paris"..very good movie..romantic..but I must tell you, if you love oldies music (french) than listen to Edith Piaf..So wonderful...I promise you will LOVE it..ok darling, well Im absolutely exhausted, and going visit Paris..in my dreams..au revoir

(all photos were found on google..ALL photos..)


Simple Pleasures that make me happy..

So yesterday I was sitting in my completely stripped down bed..(covers, sheets, pillows, and everything besides the mattress was off my bed) in my long pink and grey socks, relaxing after a very hardworking hour, absolutely exhausted (Im not a creature who enjoys activities that make me hot and sweaty) so I lay in the barren bed, catching my breath, and trying to relax over a nice hot cup of vanilla tea (I'm also weird in the way I always drink a very hot beverage, when its very hot outside..I dont want ice cream or cold iced tea..I want hot coffee or hot tea..hehe) but let me rewind to the events that made this blog..so discovery channel made me paranoid that I have bed bugs or dust mites everywhere..so I stripped down my bed because it needed a good wash, then I vacuumed my mattress, bought a plastic cover to put over my mattress, and then did a good cleaning on my room..well after fighting with our vacuum cleaner that weighs at least 10 pounds and cleaning up my corner of the room with art supplies EVERYWHERE...I decided to hit the closet..OHHH myyy..what did I get myself into?? I situated all 30 pairs of my shoes (C'mon..does one girl really need that many shoes??) and you know what..I was looking at these awesome pair of shoes and thinking that I NEEDED them..can you believe that they are made from crepe paper?? but after cleaning every thing in my room..and fixing my bed up again..I slipped into my clean sheets (that smelled like lavender..::swoon::) and realized how happy and giggly this made me.. and then I started thinking of all the little things that just make me smile, and fill my heart with joy..For example, the thing that makes me so happy EVERY day is, I wake up in my bed with the beautiful lights on that are behind my bed..
then fixing a cup of coffee with Irish cream: (I found this photo online, go check out the website..he makes espresso art, very cool)
then I lay down in my bed again, with a cup of coffee..open my roman blinds and let the sun shine onto me..It one of the greatest feelings..to just sit and bask in beautiful sun light, while sipping on wonderful coffee..in bed..aaahhh...so relaxing..doesn't that just sound like a wonderful morning?? and I do it every morning..so Im relaxed during the day..so thats my simple pleasures in the morning, that keep me going all day long..

some other wonderful things that I love and bring me happiness..

Cumulus Clouds..

Fun books..crazy looking socks..clean sheets..and many more things like kittens, vintage photos, creative art..and much more..what simple pleasures do you enjoy?? is it clean sheets too, or candy, maybe a kiss from the ones you love..tell me what makes you simply happy..;)


Part 2 post..

Hello darling..I finally have had the time to sit down and write out this blog..its been super crazy..(read blog post below)..so my parents went to Natchitoches Louisiana and I finally downloaded the pictures of where they stayed..ohh and I also put a few drawings of mine (alot are half in progress)hehe..so enjoy!! ;p
Here is the house they stayed in..::
The gazebo outside the house..
Dinning room:Nighttime view of the house:

Former living roomA different view of the dinning room:This is the side of the room that I love..the library wall:The oldest store in Louisiana..built in the 1700's and still running by the original family:My parents were so happy to see the toys they grew up with: hehe

OK so now onto the drawings I have been working on..(and some old drawings I found in an old sketch book of mine)...

This was a drawing I made around 3 years ago and recently found it..I guess I should color her in..hehe

Again..was done around 3 years ago..and its part of a Paris theme going on..(I need to color her too)

This lovely lady was a drawing I have done about a year ago..

I had a dream of a witch handing me a beautiful apple..(Im going to color it most likely tomorrow..think VERY intense beautiful colors)

This darling girly was created in my ENOUGH pile..also the picture below was part of the collection:

This is my little blueberry girly..the second part to ENOUGH!!

This french beauty is not finished at all but thought I would show you my creation..

This lonely little girl is part of my black and white collection (more pictures coming soon) inspired by Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events

Sooo my mommy and I went shopping at hobby lobby today (tax free day) and I got a few new toys..YAY!!! Pearl EX glitter..absolutely beautiful!!

ANNNDDD..a few new color pencils that are amazing..

Soo I definitely enjoyed the day very much!!! and I bought a cute little cardboard house that Im going to pain all cutesy..and will post that one soon..well Im so tired, Im going to make some vanilla (decaffeinated) tea and drift off into a wonderful sleep..so good night darlings...