Not in the clear yet...

Well everyone was really excited and happy about the new news on my grandma, but unfortunately we are learning to take each day as they come...her health has become a roller coaster, its up one day, and down the next...so please keep her in your prayers...they are now expecting her to come out of ICU sometimes in December...which is really sad, this is the first holiday that we will not be able to spend with her...

As far as the wedding plans, they are pretty much on hold at the moment, all the big details are taken care of, but with out my mom here to guide and help me with everything (she is by my grandmothers side in Houston at the moment) things have gotten a bit difficult...



Well an update on my grandmother..she was pronounced dead Saturday night, by Sunday afternoon, she woke up and started moving around...Yeeiiippeee!!!! :D
apparently she survived 7 strokes while 'under'..so she is still recovering from the brain damage it had caused (but nothing serious, she has to go to therapy to re-learn some body movements)
anyways..its always shocking and amazing to hear a doctor say 'wow, it is a miracle she survived this'...:D

Please keep her in your prayers though, she is still not out of the hospital...

and thank you for your kind words and prayers, they are working..:D


A night from hell

Just got home about 3 hrs ago...me, my brother, and sister-in-law left at 12am for the hospital (that is located 2hrs from our city)..Our grandma was in ICU, and now is being transfered to Houston TX for heart surgery...the main arterary that leads to her heart has a giant tear in it...it an extremely risky surgery..but she is going to the best doctor..so hope is still there...keep her in your prayers...

(This is a very old pic..I dont have any recent ones on my computer..they are all at home in a box)

As far as wedding curriculum..Im in the process of going through my registration and making sure everything is on there...(this is about the 100th time Ive gone through it..hahah)


~Things that make me happy~

Things that make me happy...

1) future hubby
2) clean home
3) Tink (our kitty)
4)FALL..everything about fall...down to racking the leaves..and then jumping in them..hehe

PS: Dont you LOVE LOVE LOVE her makeup???
(pictures found on google)

94 days to go...Wo0oh0o0o..

Yesterday I sent out save the date cards..they are post card style..and beautiful...(hmm..unfortunately I had not taken a picture of them..) but they are some what of this style:

hmm...now I need to make the wedding invitations...


WOW things have Changed!!!!

A little over a year ago I quit posting on this blog...I was in a dark place at that moment in my life..but WOW have things changed since then..

I meet a wonderful man last October (17th) and we started dating...fell madly in love a few months later..and became engaged August 28th of this year...

February 12th 2o11 I will be a married woman...Im so excited..:D

Its so funny how life can take a complete and AWESOME turn for the better...

So this blog will now be the countdown to the wedding day...and our life together...YAY!!!