Hubby and I are expecting our first baby in about a week..
His name will be Leo
 I will now (try my hardest) to dedicate this blog to our new life together.


4th of July (via pinterest)

Happy 4th of July..too bad we can not have fireworks (too dry over here)
but to still get in the spirit, here are lots of beautiful pictures via Pinterest!!


Summer time and the livings easy

I have no clue why I am excited about summer this year..
I have never been a fan of the 100+ degrees it gets over here, or the sweltering humidity.
For some reason though, I have hopeful wishes for a sunburn free, ice tea drinking, porch swinging, swimming pool dipping, wonderful summer!!
 Here is to a wonderful summer!!!

(all photos found on weheartit.com)


Such beauty and inspiration..

I have stumbled across this blog yesterday and ended up looking at all the post (I tend to have this habit, like with books, if it interest me..I have to finish it that day..blogs are that way also haha) till wee morning hours..and have fell completely in love with this woman's blog...check her out:

As someone else has pointed out..she is the modern day anna karina..
I love her style



Thank you Mrs. Quincy from 'Q's Daydream Vintage' for posting such glamorous pictures from the Lena Hoschek's s/s 2012 collection...they are so dreamy!!
Here is a preview:


S0o0o Glamorous!!!

(found via this blog)


The joy of books

I discovered this video via 'Her Library Adventures'

My husband/brother/mother/and grandfather have tried to convince me to switch from hard back books to a kindle...
I tell them to same thing every time..kindle does not have the smell of a book, the adventures this book had been through, the creased pages, the coffee stains, the hard cover that is peeling from age..ect..
This video describes exactly why I do not have a kindle, why I prefer to go out and buy a real book..


Vacation video

Hey everyone, we just came back from a 4 day vacation..
Two days in New Hampshire (skiing, snow ball fights, ect..) I have never seen real snow..so this was a treat!!
Two days in Boston..Touring around the city, looking at historical monuments, and ringing in the new year!!
(click link above for video)
Here are a few pictures from the trip..
New Hampshire..

Ringing in the New Year at the ice sculpture garden in Boston
 Heading back home..
Well hopefully everyone had a wonderful New Years eve..
Things I am thankful for:
 learning to ski, sled, snowball fights, frozen water falls, wonderful family and friends, and most of all..a wonderful husband!!