Ready for the PARTY!!!

Today has been an incredibly busy day...well lets start with last night, we had a horrible electric storm and the Internet went out..I was sooo upset, because I could not put the pictures up, and show the tea party that took place with my mommy and me..but now I'm at my darling's place and writing this blog to show all you lovely people how much fun it was to make the pretty mask and then to have a fanciful tea party..hehe
so I finished the crazy colors (that I just love) and I still could not think of what else to put on the mask the make it even more beautiful..I was stuck, and just trapped in my head, wondering, pondering, and getting frustrated at that point...when Darci decided to jump in and help..and I gladly accepted..
OHH MY!! I forgot to introduce everybody..Everybody, this is Darci, and Darci, this is the lovely people I talk so much about...

so me and Darci went to work on my mask, and at that moment I snuck into mommys office, and to my delight, she was making a mask too..YAY!!!

and I was sooo amazed, my mask was taking me 2 days to complete, and mommy completed hers in like 10 mins..AMAZING!!! even Darci was so surprised, at the talent my mommy had..hehe (this was the first pic of her mask, after 3 mins of playing with it)then she started adding more sparkles and glitz and ribbon..ohh my, it was just like a tornado in the room, things flying everywhere and then...FEATHERS!!! YAY FOR FEATHERS!! (can you believe it only took her like 10 mins to come up with all of this???and then the finished project of hers...its so glamorous..don't ya think??so this is my Mommy's mask completed..doesn't just look fabulous??

and here is my mask completed...so girly..hehe

The artist and her work..BRAVO!!! mommy is sooo excited for this tea party, you see we haven't had a tea party since my 13th birthday..she it was time for another tea party..

ok..now we HAVE to get ready for our friends tea party...throw on my most fabulous jewelry..and maybe a flowy green dress..yes, I think that will do..now..on to the party..
Our tea set (before we decided to throw ribbon allllll over it..hehe)

my mommy enjoying her wonderful tea..

and here is the wonderful tea set we decided to go crazy on..haha I love ribbons..cant you tell??

ohh my, mommy snuck a picture of me while getting my tea cup ready..

my tea cup..

ohh me, ohh my, please forgive me...would you like some tea darling??

AAHH..enjoying this wonderful tea party!! thank you Vanessa, you are wonderful!! would you like some more tea?? I know, its just divine..don't I look sooo happy?? well let me tell you a little secret..(I'm absolutely exhausted at this point..I mean, all the food, and tea, and dancing, and chatting..a girl can only party so much..;P)

well after the party was over, I was sad to say good bye, but I wiped the frown off, and I nearly cried..well Darci saw me, and cheered me up..she put down my favorite book and gave me her tea cup..aww, darling, you truly are so sweet..

well I'm sorry to say, but I'm all pooped out..time for a nice hot bath, maybe a foot rub..;p and then off I go to read my favorite book..I hope everyone enjoyed the party, I know I did..and thank you Vanessa Valencia...your the best!!


last nights creation..

well hello again darling...so yesterday was insane, the weather was horrible. I was alone at my house when this horrible looking cloud all of a sudden appeared over my home, and made it look like it was midnight outside (it was 3pm) and then the wind kicked in (news said winds reached 60mph) and hail started coming down..well I started panicking because I kept hearing a low whistling sound and so I grabbed some lanterns and my phone and sat in the hallway..I was on the verge of tears, i really don't think I have ever been so frightened by weather before..but thank god, thank god, thank god..no tornado's touched down..so after an hour of sitting in the hallway in the dark, the clouds started to part and the sun came out...it was all of a sudden beautiful outside..so after that I decided to get my mind back to normal and calm down, and started on my mask for the tea party...

This is the mask that we bought to start the decorating:

This is the feathers that we bought for the mask (still don't really know how to use the feathers though):

I mixed some beautiful colors to make a salmon color (which I LOVE) :

I painted the mask that beautiful color, ohh what fun..I love painting:

mixing all the lovely colors:

my bedroom floor..haha

the magical mask is beging to transform:

I was bored (Yawn) waiting for all the paint and glitter to dry, so I painted a little picture for my darling hunny..(and I also just wanted to use more of my glitter on something..hehe)
the above picture is one I have painted while I was letting the mask dry so I can put those eyelashes on it..so I painted a heart picture just to have fun with glitter..haha I will post the completion of it..but later..


Firs Blog!! YAY!!

Well hello everyone..This is my first blog, and honestly I have never done anything like this before, so please forgive me if Im not good in this "Bloglandia" thing (I hope I spelled that right)..but a little about whats been going on lately..I am "attending" a tea party that (my favorite blogger) Vanessa Valencia is throwing http://www.afancifultwist.typepad.com/ ..and Im sooo excite about it!!! My mom and I have been buying all the material to make our own mask and maybe even some mad hatter hats..and getting all the tea cups (that we have NEVER used before) ready for the party..in other words, were having a blast trying to get ready for this little party!!!Besides that my mommy and I just came back from the eye doctor (I haven't been since I was around 13 years old..so I was kinda freaking out, thinking they were gonna poke my eyes around and all that stuff that makes me squeamish..but to my surprise it really was not that bad during the check up. After the check up was the bad part, both my mom and I could barely see so we went to World Market to just chill out a little bit so our pupils would go back to normal..HAHA it was so funny to see the reaction of people when they would look at us, we looked like we were on acid..our pupils were HUGE!!! so it was a very interesting trip, but now Im home and its pouring down rain outside, and my sight is almost completely normal now..so YAY for that!!