Part 2 post..

Hello darling..I finally have had the time to sit down and write out this blog..its been super crazy..(read blog post below)..so my parents went to Natchitoches Louisiana and I finally downloaded the pictures of where they stayed..ohh and I also put a few drawings of mine (alot are half in progress)hehe..so enjoy!! ;p
Here is the house they stayed in..::
The gazebo outside the house..
Dinning room:Nighttime view of the house:

Former living roomA different view of the dinning room:This is the side of the room that I love..the library wall:The oldest store in Louisiana..built in the 1700's and still running by the original family:My parents were so happy to see the toys they grew up with: hehe

OK so now onto the drawings I have been working on..(and some old drawings I found in an old sketch book of mine)...

This was a drawing I made around 3 years ago and recently found it..I guess I should color her in..hehe

Again..was done around 3 years ago..and its part of a Paris theme going on..(I need to color her too)

This lovely lady was a drawing I have done about a year ago..

I had a dream of a witch handing me a beautiful apple..(Im going to color it most likely tomorrow..think VERY intense beautiful colors)

This darling girly was created in my ENOUGH pile..also the picture below was part of the collection:

This is my little blueberry girly..the second part to ENOUGH!!

This french beauty is not finished at all but thought I would show you my creation..

This lonely little girl is part of my black and white collection (more pictures coming soon) inspired by Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events

Sooo my mommy and I went shopping at hobby lobby today (tax free day) and I got a few new toys..YAY!!! Pearl EX glitter..absolutely beautiful!!

ANNNDDD..a few new color pencils that are amazing..

Soo I definitely enjoyed the day very much!!! and I bought a cute little cardboard house that Im going to pain all cutesy..and will post that one soon..well Im so tired, Im going to make some vanilla (decaffeinated) tea and drift off into a wonderful sleep..so good night darlings...

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Rebecca Ramsey said...

The photos are lovely! What a treat to stay in such a place!
And your artwork is mahvelous! I enjoyed it!
I also enjoyed a trip to Hobby Lobby myself just the other day. What a land of temptations that store is!