Food, Family, Fun

What a fun weekend it was..

Celebrated my brothers 29th birthday
My brother and my hubby finished of the birthday present..haha
Watched the sun go down
Sunday fishing
My hubby fishing

::sigh:: yes, what a perfect summer weekend it was..



I love this video more than you can imagine..If Im ever feeling down, I watch this video and instantly start smiling...and I am head over heels in love with the clothing in the video...
ok, enough gushing....here you go:


Baby shower time

Sun room
Easy hair do

It reminds me of the secret Garden
I went to my cousin (in-law)'s baby shower this afternoon..
Dress: frock candy (few years ago)
Hair tutorial: Keiko Lynn



I was reading 'Her Library Adventures" and saw some pictures that made my heart jump with delight!!

The beautiful/magical prints that you see are done by a talented lady named Caroline Hadilaksono..(check out her website, I just love her style...


Fairytale and wonders..

(I have edited this so many times..hahaha)
Ok...to start off, my husband brought some goodies home with him today...
21 old children's books..My hubby knows me soooo well...:)
All the books layed out on the bedroom floor...haha
Im in heaven with those books..they are so beautiful!!!
Im soooooo in love with this video and her voice...::swoon worthy::
And this video is just pure magic...
This is PURE magic..I love it...(its somewhat disturbing..but the imagery is beautiful!!!)


Whew...what a day....

Woke up this morning, ran around the complex (in 90' weather).....then power yoga...(I dont know what got into me..I do not get enjoyment from sweating and excising..) hahaha
Now Im sitting on the couch, enjoying a banana/peanut butter protein shake..and watching brigitte bardot movies...:)
ohhh how I love her movies...


New Orleans

The hubby and I decided to take a romantic weekend trip to New Orleans...We acted like tourist, and read up on places that we had not been to before..
(just for some back ground info, we do not live far from New Orleans, and I stayed there for 2yrs awhile back..so I know that place very well) but its refreshing and fun to 'act' like a tourist and ACTUALLY discover something new about your 'home town'.....
Our weekend consisted of TONS if walking...
Tons of food..
 And a few drinks..
The only pictures we had taken are from my husbands iPhone..(we forgot the real camera at home unfortunately)