Changing leaves, chill in the air, ghost and goblins..ohhh my..

O0o0ohh dont worry darling, the ghost and goblins are really little children dressed in costumes..
(or in this case, little cute animals in costumes..hehe)I must tell you a secret...around fall, when all the leaves are changing, the smell of pumpkin pie (or apple pie) is in the air, the weather is nice a crisp (the crisp like freshly washed white sheets..hehe) the sky is a beautiful shade of blue (unlike any other season)...::sigh:: yes, when Fall comes around I turn into the happiest/giddiest little girl (woman) you will ever see..

something about that chill in the air, those beautiful red and orange leaves...pumpkin decorations...it makes my heart smile...

One thing I have always wished (even when I was a little bright-eyed girl) that I could live in a little town that has HUGE town festivals..(like the show Gilmore Girls..), where everyone knew each other, and we would have huge pie baking contest, hay rides.. or ghost hunts..ect..you know what I mean?? I think my little heart would burst with joy if I could ever live somewhere like that...haha

Speaking of Ghost Hunts...guess what is around the corner?? HALLOWEEN!!!! yay....perfect time to get out your ghoulish costumes, decorate your house, bake fresh goodies for the neighbors...

A BIG THANK YOU to Ms. V. over at 'A Fanciful Twist' for inviting us to her party..

PS: Guess what movie just finished being filmed in my 'little' town?? MOTH MAN...HAHAHA I can not wait until it comes out..:D :D :D
(if you want to know more about the mothman..just click on this little video..I found alot of videos on youtube about the mothman.check them out..)




"Its my birthday and Ill cry if I want to, cry if I want to...."

hehe just kidding darling...I wont cry..but I think my mom will..her little girl is now 21!!!YAY..

were going out to Olive Garden tonight and I get to actually order wine MYSELF..YAY!!!!Wo0o0oHo0o0o....this is a much needed ''spoiling day'..it has been really crazy lately around here and Im glad I can put those things aside for one day and (as selfish as it sounds) concentrate on me, and not feel bad... :D so I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day today..::kiss::


blah...blah blah blah..blah..

Have you ever had those times when you have no creative spirit and your stuck in a funk?? well thats how I've been..and I cant stand it..I even decided to try and cheer myself up by releasing balloons in to the air..and wouldnt you know, it went to the only tree around and wrapped around those branches for dear life...
(image found on google)
so that seemed like a bust..haha and now Im in my room, wondering what can I do to get out of this funk?? my oh my..what should I do?? what do you do when you have this awful feeling?? I should go to the dollar store, get a HUGE tub of bubbles and blow my little lungs out with bubbles....but its 20something degrees outside...and then I want to go to the antique store and buy a beautiful vintage decor or surround myself in wonderful antiques that have great stories to tell..
(image found on google)
(thinking that will cheer me up)..but I dont know...uughh..Im so sorry for complaining so much..I just thought, maybe just maybe if I vent all this pent up boredom and non creativeness..then ::fingers crossed:: a wonderful idea will come across....so will you please help me and throw me some ideas....I would greatly appreciate it..haha