Simple Pleasures that make me happy..

So yesterday I was sitting in my completely stripped down bed..(covers, sheets, pillows, and everything besides the mattress was off my bed) in my long pink and grey socks, relaxing after a very hardworking hour, absolutely exhausted (Im not a creature who enjoys activities that make me hot and sweaty) so I lay in the barren bed, catching my breath, and trying to relax over a nice hot cup of vanilla tea (I'm also weird in the way I always drink a very hot beverage, when its very hot outside..I dont want ice cream or cold iced tea..I want hot coffee or hot tea..hehe) but let me rewind to the events that made this blog..so discovery channel made me paranoid that I have bed bugs or dust mites everywhere..so I stripped down my bed because it needed a good wash, then I vacuumed my mattress, bought a plastic cover to put over my mattress, and then did a good cleaning on my room..well after fighting with our vacuum cleaner that weighs at least 10 pounds and cleaning up my corner of the room with art supplies EVERYWHERE...I decided to hit the closet..OHHH myyy..what did I get myself into?? I situated all 30 pairs of my shoes (C'mon..does one girl really need that many shoes??) and you know what..I was looking at these awesome pair of shoes and thinking that I NEEDED them..can you believe that they are made from crepe paper?? but after cleaning every thing in my room..and fixing my bed up again..I slipped into my clean sheets (that smelled like lavender..::swoon::) and realized how happy and giggly this made me.. and then I started thinking of all the little things that just make me smile, and fill my heart with joy..For example, the thing that makes me so happy EVERY day is, I wake up in my bed with the beautiful lights on that are behind my bed..
then fixing a cup of coffee with Irish cream: (I found this photo online, go check out the website..he makes espresso art, very cool)
then I lay down in my bed again, with a cup of coffee..open my roman blinds and let the sun shine onto me..It one of the greatest feelings..to just sit and bask in beautiful sun light, while sipping on wonderful coffee..in bed..aaahhh...so relaxing..doesn't that just sound like a wonderful morning?? and I do it every morning..so Im relaxed during the day..so thats my simple pleasures in the morning, that keep me going all day long..

some other wonderful things that I love and bring me happiness..

Cumulus Clouds..

Fun books..crazy looking socks..clean sheets..and many more things like kittens, vintage photos, creative art..and much more..what simple pleasures do you enjoy?? is it clean sheets too, or candy, maybe a kiss from the ones you love..tell me what makes you simply happy..;)


Chickenbells said...

I refuse to watch dustmite shows because they just scare me to death! Luckily I have a Dyson with a mattress attachment on it, so I feel a bit better! I am loving your bed and your wonderful cloud pictures as well...I just adore clouds!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a peaceful happy post!
That espresso artist is amazing! And I love sheets that have been hung on a line too, but my silly neighborhood won't allow a clothesline.

Your clouds are just dreamy!