fun week in New Orleans..

Hello darlings, sorry I have been away for a looooong time, but I have some great post coming soon..I felt really bad for abandoning every one, so I thought that I should check in and let you know of some things that's been keeping me away for awhile...my parents decided to go to Natchitoches, Louisiana to spend some well deserved alone time together..(I haven't seem the pictures yet, but thanks to Google I can give you a glimpse of what they seen)

and I promise when I seem them I will show you all the beautiful pictures of this place..my mommy wants to take me there for our "girls night out" (every Thursday me and my mom get together and do something together..either shop, go see a movie or travel for a day..girls only)haha its so much fun!! So while they were gone, I was staying with my darling man, in New Orleans..it was quit an eventful week (we usually do nothing but eat out and then watch movies, because we think we have been every where in New Orleans already..)well we were so WRONG!!! First we went out on a "date night" (because I was upset, and he wanted me to feel better..it was so sweet and cute) so we got dressed up (sorry no pictures, my parents had the camera) but it was soo funny because the first thing that came to mind was a blogger friend of mine, who has one of the most interesting blogs i have ever read..you must visit her blog..but anyways, we got all dressed up for each other and then went to this cute little cafe (think Aladdin sorts) it was so awesome looking..so were eating pasta's and talking and laughing..then all of a sudden I look up at something that startled me..the clouds outside were BLACK...I mean horribly mean looking clouds..then the lightening went basurk and nonstop flashes every where..I was actually getting a little freaked out..then the rain kicked in and it was so strong that you couldn't see past the door anymore..some poor woman came in with an umbrella and it flipped inside out on her..she was soaking wet by the time she managed to open the door...so we stayed cozy and safe inside the cute cafe..ordering brownie Sundays and turtle cheesecake (no turtles were harmed in the making) MMMmmmm...so delicious..I wish I saved some for you, but honestly I couldn't..it was that good..I didn't want to stop eating it..haha (picture found on Google)

So we waited till the storm rolled over and then decided to continue the night with friends at a famous place in New Orleans, Rock n' Bowl..it has been featured on travel channel and is known all over for its unique bowling alley...Live music..and cheap food and beer..I haven't been bowling in over 6 years and I was so happy that we decided to actually go out and have some fun with friends..I was on a roll with bowling too..I keep getting either gutter balls or knocking down 9 pins..haha it was so much fun though..(I promise to put pictures of that in my next blog post)..

The next day we decided to hit up the french quarter and look at all the unique stores that we never really payed attention too..You can find some of the most beautiful and unique nick-knacks..from antiques to paintings to weird art..I'm going to take my camera next time and show you the wonderful places..I promise!!! Then it was soo hot (heat index around 107) it literally sucked the energy from us..so we left and came back to the house to watch ...."P.S. I love you"I honestly have NEVER cried soo much during a movie..it really makes you appreciate the ones that you love..such a touching movie..(I'm a weirdo over endings, it has to be PERFECT for me to like it..) but I didn't quit like the ending so much..but its a movie that will be on my shelf soon enough..;p So after many tears and hugging my darling and hoping that nothing bad ever happens to him..we decided to watch another movie (one I have seen before, but not him) so I begged that we see this movie..Its so cute and like all movies that I love ever so much its a twisted fairytale..but for those of you that have seen this movie, don't you absolutely LOVE her room??? I'm head over heels in love with her room..and vowed that when I have my own house, the attic (or a room) will be a fairytale room..fake trees, fake grass, birds everywhere..swing in the room..pure magic..yep..

The next day my darling had to work then go to the gym..well I wanted to surprise him with a yummy meal when he came back..so I went to target and did some shopping..I got back (he was already home) and cooked some broccoli and cheese rice..he cooked some very spicy chicken (so good) and then we threw that together and had a healthy dinner...

And for dessert I made..German Chocolate cake with coconut and pecan icing...so yummy!!! (by the way I have a well known talent for baking..) not to brag or anything..;p

Well I better be off now..going cook dinner..don't know what though..I may get some ideas from my favorite food blogger..Gourmet momma..have a wonderful Wednesday..

PS: I have a few pictures that I have finished painting and coloring..and bringing to life..when I get home tomorrow I will post them up and show the lovely girls off..adios


Food Cravings at 10pm..what is a girl to do?? I know the answer..just read below..;p

hello darling's..so this may be a short post, but I was just wondering if any of you lovely people are like me..around 10pm your up, watching tv (Im watching Jaws 2 right now..hehe) and all of a sudden have that overwhelming craving for food.(almost like Jaws had for preteens..hehe)...well I have always been told that eating after 8pm was bad news for thighs and tummy (especially for a woman) so I always second guess if I should eat or not..but its a craving that only gets stronger as the min.'s pass, and after trying to fight it for an hour, you give in..go to your refrigerator, and have noooooo clue what to eat..but you know you need something..well, I came across this blog, and absolutely feel in love with it..I looked for a recipe that would satisfy my overwhelming craving for food..real food..and after looking, and looking, and looking some more (so many awesome recipes) and I finally found one from gourmet momma ...that special recipe that would calm the hungry monster in my stomach..

Doesn't this look absolutely divine?? Mustard Chicken..and it's a 15min meal..can you believe that??well you definitely need to check out this website..its so awesome..she has a couple of 15min meals, vegetarian meals, meat meals...desserts..EVERYTHING!!! I absolutely fell in love with it, and I think you will too..for those busy moms or dads (or just hungry people at 10pm)who need to whip up a dinner, and can not think of anything to cook..just look at this website for inspiration..all of the food pictures looks like you can just reach in and take a delicious bit out of it..hehe take a look at it, and if you like to cook (which I love to cook) then whip out those fabulous ingredients and the beautiful spices..and get to cooking..and most important..have fun!! well Im going to finish watching Jaws 2..Im at the part where mike (the son) and his friends almost got eaten while sailing to the light house..00oo kinda scary..makes me think twice about going to ocean..(when I was around 12 I watched the movie, and since then I have ALWAYS been so scared to even swim in the deep part of the pool)haha well on that note, Im going to finish watching this..adios darlings..


My adventures (this is what happens when Im on medication)hehe

Hello again, have I got a story to tell you (one of my tall-tales)...would you like a cookie, or maybe some ice tea?? You may as well, its going to be a loong post..;p
So I have been left alone for 4 days now, and if anybody knows me, you would think "oh my, kristin must be in heaven, lounging around and reading books of all sorts"...well normaly yes, I would love to be in a house by myself for so long, but this particular time..well...I feel as if Im losing my mind!!! It is so quite (that you hear every noise) in this big house and its literaly driving me insane..and not to mention Im on medication right now for my stomach (I had a stomach virus for 6 days now)..so I blame the medication for my insane adventures..(also blame boredom)!!!
Anyways, will you join me and take an adventure into the mysterious, beautiful garden(think alice in wonderland)..but this is called garden of delusions..(its a tricky little garden, plays mind games with you, and is made up of many little gardens also)...but before our journey could begin we have to get by the fercous tiger...Lets try to tame the tiger of "rock garden"..she is a fericious beast but I knew with my tender words ("please dont eat me..") and nice rub, she would let me pass...."lets run".. (thats mittens by the way, my darling little girl with an attitude)heheBut the tiger was not the only thing we had to worry about..The clouds were having a bad day..and were not happy at all..they threatend by loud grumbaling..Scary looking clouds..it looks they are swollowing up the light..but lets continue please, we have to hurry!!ok, so the secret to getting around in the garden is to rely on the creatures that live in it (they know all the tricks that it plays, so they can help us get through safely)!!First lets call on the birds that live in the condo (I call it the beach condo, we have 3 bird houses, that are very different from each other, you will see below..but dont you think that it looks like a little condo you would find on the beachs of Florida??)this one is the haunted mansion (it was painted years ago, and the weather aged it creepily)haha..but anyways, we can ask the magical birds of the haunted mansion..see if they guide us through the strange gardens..well we have reached the the secret cove..(I love to have coffee in the mornings out here..beautiful) So the birds have guided us to the secret cove, safely..do you want to rest up for a couple of seconds?? ok, take a breather..(Im exhausted, if you dont mind, I will sit down at the table for a bit)..ohh..well maybe I will not sit for awhile, seems ghost have taken over and had a ghostly tea party (and with out inviting us..uugghh) well lets hurry up, and leave the cove, Im getting a little scared..so lets ask the birds in this little house (its called the lime house, because a fat lime tree grows right infront, thats the tree your looking at right now..would you like a lime for the long advernture that we have left?? ohh please take one..)

ohhh my, these birds are no help what so ever..to busy eating to help us out..my ohh my..what are we going to do?? we can not survive in this strage garden with out the creatures to help us..what do You think we should do??

ask fern you say??(the little girl who sits a top that plant, I know its not really a fern..but thats her name)...or maybe..
the magical ball?? yes..I think we are better off asking the magical ball...what does it say?? "Follow you'r heart"?? ohh, well come on, lets follow our hearts...

ohh this is a wonderful find..its a swimming pool for the shroom people..that means we must be close..!! have you ever seen shroom people before?? they are so tiney and cute!!

ohh please watch where you step, so many creatures are living around here..YAY..we found the shroom people..little tiney people that live inside these funny looking mushrooms..aren't they adorable??ohhh ...what was that noise?? I can not quit hear it..do you?? well an old wives tell says that if you pick an elephant ear, you will have hearing as they do..do you belive it?? well I dont have real elephants (and I would not harm it like that if I did have one..haha) so we can use the elephant ear plants..(I actually dont know if they are called elephant ears..but they remind me of elephant ears..dont you agree??) well lets pick them..and see..ohh WOW!!! I can hear almost everything..the birds talking amongst each other..and the little shroom people thanking us for looking out for them..hehe but wait..I hear soemthing else too..sounds like alot of talking..but far away..lets go explore shall we?? your not afraid are you?? good, maybe you could help me not be afraid..Lets ask this beutiful flower if she could help us follow that sound..(doesnt it remind you of a flower from alice in wonderland?? one of the talking ones?? how fun!!) well she says that we need to go see the gate keeper, to find out where those noises and voices are coming from..lets go see the gate keeper!!off on the little path..are you ready to see her??ohh my, this is the gatekeeper...this the THE gate keeper..are you excited?? I know I am..ok well lets ask her where those noises are coming from..do you want to ask her?? ok darling..so what did she say?? could you understand her?? ohh you say, she gave us access to open the gate?? ohh she must really like you..did you charm her, or are you just exceptional with words??..ok, well off we go now..thank you mrs. gatekeeper..are you ready for this adventure?? to see what wonders are behind the gate?? the noises are louder around here..well off we go then..Lets open the gate...and see what we find!!OHHH MY!!! its the magical forest of fairytales...this is where little red riding hood went missing, and where hansel and gretal met with the gingerbread house...and where repunzal let down her hair..ohh can you hear them..do you hear the trees?? they have so many wonderful stories..but do not be tricked..we shall not wonder in this forest..it is not a good forest..the tress are alive, and do not like introdures (read Grimms fairytales, and you will get the true information on what happend to these beloved fairytales people..nothing like what Disney protrays)..so lets not become the next meal for the gingerbread witch..come on..lets get out of here...OHH no, the road has changed..its the road to nowhere...how do we get out?? do you remember?? ohh good idea, we will ask the tree of many flowers (it has some of the best smelling flowers during spring time, and such beautiful colors)!! ok, so you say that we have to find the path again..and the wise tiger will guide us back home?? ohh thank you!! ohh you are wonderful for finding this path..very wise, you are!! Lets see if we can find the wise (ferocous) tiger..ohh I see red feet prints..could the wise "tiger" be wearing shoes now?? ohh no..thats our feet print from before..ohh you are good..you lead us right back!! now where is that darn cat..ohh I mean, tiger..

There she is..she wants to wish us well..and asking if we had fun on our crazy adventure, encountering amazing creatures, and talking trees, and lively flowers..if we had tea with the ghost or talked to the birds..ohh I had a blast..did you?? well lets say farwell to the wise tiger..and I say farwell to you too darling..Im exhausted from our long journey today..I wish you well..and till we met again..Good Bye!! and tell me if you liked our little adventure..or if you find a deeper meaing in this story..like getting lost and relizing the magic is right infront of you..you just have to find your way back!!

ohh yay...a package..well Im going inside and open my mystery box:

ohh did you know that I was a winner in the wonderful Mrs. Kathys blog give away..Im so excited..I can not wait to recieve my present..she is so wonderful!! and one of the sweetest people you will ever get to met, please go visit her wonderful blog: http://kathyjacobson.typepad.com/abitofserendipity/ ..I love my blog friends..you have all been so sweet and kind to me, and I love hearing from you!! It literally brightens my day, and gives my heart such joy to hear from you!! Thank you so much for your kindness!!

ps: spell check does not seem to be working right now..sorry for the spelling..


Celebrate, Celebrate, Come on and Celebrate!!!

Hello lovely's (I just reminded myself of the villains from a cartoon..::evil laugh:: "Hello my lovely's wont you come in and have something to eat..::evil laugh::) haha you know what I mean?? like the story of "Hansel and Gretel" with the evil woman...but anyways back on subject..so today we celebrated the 4th of July and gave thanks to the soldiers who are fighting for our freedom out there..especially my cousins..so we said a little prayer for them and dug into the delicious food..we had BBQ chicken and ribs..with potato salad and fresh baked bread..ohh my, it was soo good..(but I didn't have my camera at the time so I could not take pictures of this spectacular feast) but I did sneak a picture of the wonderful dessert (a local supermarket provided..hehe)
ohh someone took a bite..(strawberries, blueberries, and tons of icing..ohh my)

well after all that food, and company..my feet were so wore out (high heels all day, what a dummy I was) and....

then I had a big tummy ache from ALL that food..its unbelievable how much food was made..so I took off those killer shoes...

and asked my dear sweet teddy bear to rub my throbbing feet..(her name is Darleen, and a self proclaimed sexy little bear)hehe

after begging and pleading with Darleen to please rub my feet I finally decided it was a losing battle..so I made my self some tea to settle my stomach...(vanilla tea)

mmmhhh...good tea

and now Im writing you my dear blogging friends (that's you) and relaxing before we go out tonight and watch fireworks..

ohh but before I forget..I bought this darling little purse yesterday that I have been wanting since last year..

just looking at it brightens up my day (it reminds me of the sun) ohh but look at the details..I love the little flowers

isn't it just the cutest thing??haha

but I bought it because me and my mom were stuck out in downtown yesterday because we had tornado warning all around us (again), and we actually watched a funnel start forming and then it went back into the clouds, then started coming down again, and then back up..it was so freaky..but we ran inside a huge store and just shopped until the storm went over..haha but then when we tried to get back home the interstate was at a complete stop (im guessing a wreck) so we decided to go to the movies and watch Wall-E...honestly its the most eye opening movie ever..not to mention the cutest movie too..but honestly it makes you realize how much we need to change our bad habits to help our planet..so definitely go see this movie if you have not yet..well Im off to take a nap ::ZZZzzz::..have a wonderful day..and be safe with fire works..:)


HAPPY JULY 1st aka Canada Day!!

First off, I want to thank EVERYONE who visited my tea party and left comments...it was so much fun to visit every one's beautiful blogs and see the magical pictures..and thank you very much to Vanessa..it was soo wonderful!! but I also wanted to acknowledge that is July 1st and also Canada day!! so lets celebrate..(I'm not Canadian, but I am french, and Canada has ALOT of french..so that's my excuse on why I'm celebrating..haha) I just needed to find an excuse to have a party!!
so first lets celebrate with fireworks!!!

I have never been to Canada (I want to, but have not yet) but I found this beautiful picture of a place in Canada..don't you think that this is sooo beautiful??

have a strawberry daiquiri on me..(alcohol free of course, remember I am 20years old..hehe)

and do not forget the yummy cookies!!!

(all the photos I found on Google) I did not have time to bake today, I have been in and out of doctors today..(they thought that I had arethma problems and something else with my heart) but we found good news today, its not my heart..but maybe my esophagus..which is much better than having heart problems at 20 years old..don't you agree??