My adventures (this is what happens when Im on medication)hehe

Hello again, have I got a story to tell you (one of my tall-tales)...would you like a cookie, or maybe some ice tea?? You may as well, its going to be a loong post..;p
So I have been left alone for 4 days now, and if anybody knows me, you would think "oh my, kristin must be in heaven, lounging around and reading books of all sorts"...well normaly yes, I would love to be in a house by myself for so long, but this particular time..well...I feel as if Im losing my mind!!! It is so quite (that you hear every noise) in this big house and its literaly driving me insane..and not to mention Im on medication right now for my stomach (I had a stomach virus for 6 days now)..so I blame the medication for my insane adventures..(also blame boredom)!!!
Anyways, will you join me and take an adventure into the mysterious, beautiful garden(think alice in wonderland)..but this is called garden of delusions..(its a tricky little garden, plays mind games with you, and is made up of many little gardens also)...but before our journey could begin we have to get by the fercous tiger...Lets try to tame the tiger of "rock garden"..she is a fericious beast but I knew with my tender words ("please dont eat me..") and nice rub, she would let me pass...."lets run".. (thats mittens by the way, my darling little girl with an attitude)heheBut the tiger was not the only thing we had to worry about..The clouds were having a bad day..and were not happy at all..they threatend by loud grumbaling..Scary looking clouds..it looks they are swollowing up the light..but lets continue please, we have to hurry!!ok, so the secret to getting around in the garden is to rely on the creatures that live in it (they know all the tricks that it plays, so they can help us get through safely)!!First lets call on the birds that live in the condo (I call it the beach condo, we have 3 bird houses, that are very different from each other, you will see below..but dont you think that it looks like a little condo you would find on the beachs of Florida??)this one is the haunted mansion (it was painted years ago, and the weather aged it creepily)haha..but anyways, we can ask the magical birds of the haunted mansion..see if they guide us through the strange gardens..well we have reached the the secret cove..(I love to have coffee in the mornings out here..beautiful) So the birds have guided us to the secret cove, safely..do you want to rest up for a couple of seconds?? ok, take a breather..(Im exhausted, if you dont mind, I will sit down at the table for a bit)..ohh..well maybe I will not sit for awhile, seems ghost have taken over and had a ghostly tea party (and with out inviting us..uugghh) well lets hurry up, and leave the cove, Im getting a little scared..so lets ask the birds in this little house (its called the lime house, because a fat lime tree grows right infront, thats the tree your looking at right now..would you like a lime for the long advernture that we have left?? ohh please take one..)

ohhh my, these birds are no help what so ever..to busy eating to help us out..my ohh my..what are we going to do?? we can not survive in this strage garden with out the creatures to help us..what do You think we should do??

ask fern you say??(the little girl who sits a top that plant, I know its not really a fern..but thats her name)...or maybe..
the magical ball?? yes..I think we are better off asking the magical ball...what does it say?? "Follow you'r heart"?? ohh, well come on, lets follow our hearts...

ohh this is a wonderful find..its a swimming pool for the shroom people..that means we must be close..!! have you ever seen shroom people before?? they are so tiney and cute!!

ohh please watch where you step, so many creatures are living around here..YAY..we found the shroom people..little tiney people that live inside these funny looking mushrooms..aren't they adorable??ohhh ...what was that noise?? I can not quit hear it..do you?? well an old wives tell says that if you pick an elephant ear, you will have hearing as they do..do you belive it?? well I dont have real elephants (and I would not harm it like that if I did have one..haha) so we can use the elephant ear plants..(I actually dont know if they are called elephant ears..but they remind me of elephant ears..dont you agree??) well lets pick them..and see..ohh WOW!!! I can hear almost everything..the birds talking amongst each other..and the little shroom people thanking us for looking out for them..hehe but wait..I hear soemthing else too..sounds like alot of talking..but far away..lets go explore shall we?? your not afraid are you?? good, maybe you could help me not be afraid..Lets ask this beutiful flower if she could help us follow that sound..(doesnt it remind you of a flower from alice in wonderland?? one of the talking ones?? how fun!!) well she says that we need to go see the gate keeper, to find out where those noises and voices are coming from..lets go see the gate keeper!!off on the little path..are you ready to see her??ohh my, this is the gatekeeper...this the THE gate keeper..are you excited?? I know I am..ok well lets ask her where those noises are coming from..do you want to ask her?? ok darling..so what did she say?? could you understand her?? ohh you say, she gave us access to open the gate?? ohh she must really like you..did you charm her, or are you just exceptional with words??..ok, well off we go now..thank you mrs. gatekeeper..are you ready for this adventure?? to see what wonders are behind the gate?? the noises are louder around here..well off we go then..Lets open the gate...and see what we find!!OHHH MY!!! its the magical forest of fairytales...this is where little red riding hood went missing, and where hansel and gretal met with the gingerbread house...and where repunzal let down her hair..ohh can you hear them..do you hear the trees?? they have so many wonderful stories..but do not be tricked..we shall not wonder in this forest..it is not a good forest..the tress are alive, and do not like introdures (read Grimms fairytales, and you will get the true information on what happend to these beloved fairytales people..nothing like what Disney protrays)..so lets not become the next meal for the gingerbread witch..come on..lets get out of here...OHH no, the road has changed..its the road to nowhere...how do we get out?? do you remember?? ohh good idea, we will ask the tree of many flowers (it has some of the best smelling flowers during spring time, and such beautiful colors)!! ok, so you say that we have to find the path again..and the wise tiger will guide us back home?? ohh thank you!! ohh you are wonderful for finding this path..very wise, you are!! Lets see if we can find the wise (ferocous) tiger..ohh I see red feet prints..could the wise "tiger" be wearing shoes now?? ohh no..thats our feet print from before..ohh you are good..you lead us right back!! now where is that darn cat..ohh I mean, tiger..

There she is..she wants to wish us well..and asking if we had fun on our crazy adventure, encountering amazing creatures, and talking trees, and lively flowers..if we had tea with the ghost or talked to the birds..ohh I had a blast..did you?? well lets say farwell to the wise tiger..and I say farwell to you too darling..Im exhausted from our long journey today..I wish you well..and till we met again..Good Bye!! and tell me if you liked our little adventure..or if you find a deeper meaing in this story..like getting lost and relizing the magic is right infront of you..you just have to find your way back!!

ohh yay...a package..well Im going inside and open my mystery box:

ohh did you know that I was a winner in the wonderful Mrs. Kathys blog give away..Im so excited..I can not wait to recieve my present..she is so wonderful!! and one of the sweetest people you will ever get to met, please go visit her wonderful blog: http://kathyjacobson.typepad.com/abitofserendipity/ ..I love my blog friends..you have all been so sweet and kind to me, and I love hearing from you!! It literally brightens my day, and gives my heart such joy to hear from you!! Thank you so much for your kindness!!

ps: spell check does not seem to be working right now..sorry for the spelling..


Marcy - The Glamorous Life! said...

This was a wonderful and creative way to show us your part of the world!!!

KathyJ said...

Thank you so much for your sweet sweet words!

I had such a nice time on the journey with you...thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend!