Food Cravings at 10pm..what is a girl to do?? I know the answer..just read below..;p

hello darling's..so this may be a short post, but I was just wondering if any of you lovely people are like me..around 10pm your up, watching tv (Im watching Jaws 2 right now..hehe) and all of a sudden have that overwhelming craving for food.(almost like Jaws had for preteens..hehe)...well I have always been told that eating after 8pm was bad news for thighs and tummy (especially for a woman) so I always second guess if I should eat or not..but its a craving that only gets stronger as the min.'s pass, and after trying to fight it for an hour, you give in..go to your refrigerator, and have noooooo clue what to eat..but you know you need something..well, I came across this blog, and absolutely feel in love with it..I looked for a recipe that would satisfy my overwhelming craving for food..real food..and after looking, and looking, and looking some more (so many awesome recipes) and I finally found one from gourmet momma ...that special recipe that would calm the hungry monster in my stomach..

Doesn't this look absolutely divine?? Mustard Chicken..and it's a 15min meal..can you believe that??well you definitely need to check out this website..its so awesome..she has a couple of 15min meals, vegetarian meals, meat meals...desserts..EVERYTHING!!! I absolutely fell in love with it, and I think you will too..for those busy moms or dads (or just hungry people at 10pm)who need to whip up a dinner, and can not think of anything to cook..just look at this website for inspiration..all of the food pictures looks like you can just reach in and take a delicious bit out of it..hehe take a look at it, and if you like to cook (which I love to cook) then whip out those fabulous ingredients and the beautiful spices..and get to cooking..and most important..have fun!! well Im going to finish watching Jaws 2..Im at the part where mike (the son) and his friends almost got eaten while sailing to the light house..00oo kinda scary..makes me think twice about going to ocean..(when I was around 12 I watched the movie, and since then I have ALWAYS been so scared to even swim in the deep part of the pool)haha well on that note, Im going to finish watching this..adios darlings..


Mosaic*Queen said...

You are the ambitious one! If my stomach growls at 10 p.m., I'm way too lazy to cook something. LOL! I'd probably have a bowl of cereal. Not as yummy as that recipe of yours! :-)
The Jaws movie has freaked me out for years! I don't like to swim in lakes or the ocean because of it AND if my husband pretends he's a shark in our pool, I scream. I know! Ridiculous!!! :-)
Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Yum yum!
Thanks for the link to the recipes! And I do get late night cravings just like yours! I'm afraid I'm more likely to get a spoon of peanut butter and brown sugar than fix something really satisfying. I'm a lazy cook that way.
Shoot. Now I want peanut butter and brown sugar. Or maybe peanut butter and chocolate!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Ohh, those goodies look wonderful, and how fun to receive a pedicure surrounded by all those delectables...
Such a sweet post!