Celebrate, Celebrate, Come on and Celebrate!!!

Hello lovely's (I just reminded myself of the villains from a cartoon..::evil laugh:: "Hello my lovely's wont you come in and have something to eat..::evil laugh::) haha you know what I mean?? like the story of "Hansel and Gretel" with the evil woman...but anyways back on subject..so today we celebrated the 4th of July and gave thanks to the soldiers who are fighting for our freedom out there..especially my cousins..so we said a little prayer for them and dug into the delicious food..we had BBQ chicken and ribs..with potato salad and fresh baked bread..ohh my, it was soo good..(but I didn't have my camera at the time so I could not take pictures of this spectacular feast) but I did sneak a picture of the wonderful dessert (a local supermarket provided..hehe)
ohh someone took a bite..(strawberries, blueberries, and tons of icing..ohh my)

well after all that food, and company..my feet were so wore out (high heels all day, what a dummy I was) and....

then I had a big tummy ache from ALL that food..its unbelievable how much food was made..so I took off those killer shoes...

and asked my dear sweet teddy bear to rub my throbbing feet..(her name is Darleen, and a self proclaimed sexy little bear)hehe

after begging and pleading with Darleen to please rub my feet I finally decided it was a losing battle..so I made my self some tea to settle my stomach...(vanilla tea)

mmmhhh...good tea

and now Im writing you my dear blogging friends (that's you) and relaxing before we go out tonight and watch fireworks..

ohh but before I forget..I bought this darling little purse yesterday that I have been wanting since last year..

just looking at it brightens up my day (it reminds me of the sun) ohh but look at the details..I love the little flowers

isn't it just the cutest thing??haha

but I bought it because me and my mom were stuck out in downtown yesterday because we had tornado warning all around us (again), and we actually watched a funnel start forming and then it went back into the clouds, then started coming down again, and then back up..it was so freaky..but we ran inside a huge store and just shopped until the storm went over..haha but then when we tried to get back home the interstate was at a complete stop (im guessing a wreck) so we decided to go to the movies and watch Wall-E...honestly its the most eye opening movie ever..not to mention the cutest movie too..but honestly it makes you realize how much we need to change our bad habits to help our planet..so definitely go see this movie if you have not yet..well Im off to take a nap ::ZZZzzz::..have a wonderful day..and be safe with fire works..:)

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Rebecca Ramsey said...

You are so right about Wall-E! I LOVED that movie, although it hurt just a mite to watch it, since I was thinking how true it was.

That dessert looks heavenly!