HAPPY JULY 1st aka Canada Day!!

First off, I want to thank EVERYONE who visited my tea party and left comments...it was so much fun to visit every one's beautiful blogs and see the magical pictures..and thank you very much to Vanessa..it was soo wonderful!! but I also wanted to acknowledge that is July 1st and also Canada day!! so lets celebrate..(I'm not Canadian, but I am french, and Canada has ALOT of french..so that's my excuse on why I'm celebrating..haha) I just needed to find an excuse to have a party!!
so first lets celebrate with fireworks!!!

I have never been to Canada (I want to, but have not yet) but I found this beautiful picture of a place in Canada..don't you think that this is sooo beautiful??

have a strawberry daiquiri on me..(alcohol free of course, remember I am 20years old..hehe)

and do not forget the yummy cookies!!!

(all the photos I found on Google) I did not have time to bake today, I have been in and out of doctors today..(they thought that I had arethma problems and something else with my heart) but we found good news today, its not my heart..but maybe my esophagus..which is much better than having heart problems at 20 years old..don't you agree??


Noel said...

Muy interesante la fiesta...mis felicidades a los canadienses...i'm glad we can celebrate a neighbors' party...besos y abrazos mi amor!

Rebecca said...

Found your blog from A Fanciful Twist. I love it! I went through a Canada phase in college after sky diving in Alberta. I have several items emblazoned with Canadian flags- beach chairs, mugs, etc. I am sad I forgot it was Canada Day yesterday! I would have celebrated.

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Thanks sweetly for your nice comment today...
Beautiful photo of Canada!