Grief around the holidays..

Last night I was studying for finals, and getting so aggravated..when I got a call from Megan (my friend)..well I let it ring because I really had to study hard for this final..my phone alerted me to a message, so I listened and was in shock..she said "Hey girl, I know you were friends with Colin Campbell, so I figured you would know when his funeral is..so call me and tell me.."..I just starting sobbing uncontrolablly..and memories flooded my mind..
I started remembering how me and Colin would sit in gym class (he was a good friend of mine in high school) and we would have life talks, and pointless talks..he would make me laugh soo much..he was honestly (and Im not just saying this) the greatest friend anyone could ask for..
well I finally called Megan back (after calming down) and found out what happened..apparently he was going down the road and drifted over the middle line into the opposite lane and hit a Big truck head on..the other people are all fine, no injuries, but Colin was in critical condition and died on Sunday December 7...I know how much I miss him, and how much it honestly hurts to think that he is gone and never coming back...but I also keep thinking how hes parents and sisters have to feel..not only do they have to get over this shock, but it also happend around christmas time, which does not make this any easier..
well today I found out a little bit more about my dear sweet friend..not only was he the sweetest person while alive, but he is saving 4 peoples lives (while in heaven)..here is the story I found about him that proves my dear Colin Campbell is an angle:

Colin Michael Campbell
A resident of Denham Springs, Colin Michael Campbell, 20, passed away Sunday, Dec. 7, 2008, due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Through this he was able to save the lives of four people immediately with the donation of his organs. Though he was with us for only a short time, he will live on in our hearts and now in the lives of others for his love and generosity. Colin worked in flooring, but his true passion and work was as a musician/drummer with his band "Who By Fire," which recently recorded their first CD with Colin as drummer. He was also a talented writer of poetry and a lover of all animals. His care and love for all will be missed dearly. A memorial service will be held at Grace Believers Bible Church, 11020 Stanley Aubin Lane, on Thursday, Dec. 11, at 1 p.m., officiated by the Rev. Mark Rumfello. He is survived by his parents, Steve and Debra Campbell; two sisters who loved and adored him, Allison Allecia and Melissa Hope Campbell; two uncles, Jerry Wayne Campbell and Randy Cassady; aunt, Christine Marie Campbell Phillips; and many beloved cousins and friends. Preceded in death by his maternal grandparents, Verl Calvin Cassady and Helen Ruth Cassady; paternal grandparents, Allie Harold Campbell Jr. and Jessie Christine Campbell; uncle, Ronald H. Campbell; and aunt, Terri Lynn Ewing. Arrangements by Seale Funeral Service Inc., Denham Springs.

Colin, you will be missed very much, and you were loved by many..R.I.P Collin


Chickenbells said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Even though he was able to leave the world a better place for four different people, it doesn't make it any easier does it? (((hugs)))

redraiderdad said...

Thank you for loving and honoring my nephew. I still miss him every day.