Christmas weather..in louisiana?? WHAT??

Hello darling, so let me tell you about the unusual things going on in Louisiana..so as everyone may know, last week some winter weather decided to grace the south..well Im used to hearing Texas and the top of Louisiana (Shreveport*) getting snow, but in no way was I expecting Baton Rouge to get snowy weather..that was unbelievable..and not only did we get snow, we received 8inches of that wonderful white stuff..YAY...
(trevon, hes our neighbor kid..making a snow angle, do you see how much snow that is??)
(this is in the back woods..spooky looking..I love it.)
(This is the street in our neighborhood..you couldn't even see it..)
(UH OH...watch out..I made a snowball..hehe)
(and this is my Favorite picture..it reminds me of Gotham City from batman)
But we were so happy..me and my parents were having snowball fights with the neighbors..haha and making snow angles..and then we decided to pullout a yard stick to measure the snow in my neighbors backyard, she doesn't have any trees in the backyard, so alot of snow was back there..and we measured up to 8inches of snowy bliss..how insane is that?? I love it..ohh and you wanna know the best part..my wonderful friend Collin was buried on Tuesday (when it was snowing..) so in my opinion (also to make myself feel better) I imagined that he brought the snow to us, kinda like saying hes ok..(yeah, Corny I know..but its comforting)..haha well I hope everyone has a wonderful time..Im going to do one more post before I leave (Im going to Disney world for Christmas with my family and my hunny..its going to be so much fun) and then Ill post pics from Disney..;p YAY!!!
au revoir darling..

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Chickenbells said...

Oh...lucky you! They keep threatening us with a lot of snow and a bunch of accumulation...so far it's been a lot of wet, snow that hasn't stuck and a ton of cold. Oh well...hopefully I'll wake up to snow tomorrow!