Happy Thanksgiving everyone..Hello darling, I hope you felled your tummy full today on turkey and other wonderful foods..I just got back home from my grandparents house (2 hours away from us, and out in the middle of the country)..it was a very nice thanksgiving lunch..but VERY different feel to it, because I have a large family (5uncles with at least 2-3 kids each)..so our holidays are always crazy and loud..with some very unusual but awesome people..:)
do you have unusual family?? Mine is very loud and festive..haha I love it though, I wouldn't want it any other way..
But so this holiday was very strange to me, because EVERYONE decided to visit there in-laws (which is only fair because everybody meets up with our family EVERY holiday) so were at my grandparents with only 5 people..but again, very lovely lunch..
hehe..sexy huh?? (I found this on google, and it made me laugh)
but we had a LARGE turkey, and green beans, and stuffing, and all the usual turkey day foods..but the one thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE that my grandmother makes, is sweet potato pie..YUUMMYY!!! it honestly is the highlight of holidays for me..haha
Is there a favorite food that you make/or have for the holidays?? I would love to get ideas on what to cook for thanksgiving..:)
so what are you thankful for this thanksgiving??
Im thankful for my wonderful family and friends, and of course for all my friends on here, you are absolutely wonderful!!! and Im thankful for my wonderful man, and everything that I have been blessed with in my life!!!
Well Im off to eat left over turkey..yummy..I will see you soon..ohh and I found this little cartoon on google, how funny is this??HAHA

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Chickenbells said...

Happy Thanksgiving my dear! I just ADORE Pumpkin Pie...very much...I can't wait to go to sleep so I can wake up and have it for breakfast tomorrow morning!