Hey darlings...I must tell you quickly (Im wrapping gifts) about my WONDERFUL surprise..yyeeiippii...hehe so this morning I wake up and Im rushing to get ready so I can do last minute shopping for christmas (me and my immediate family are celebrating "our" christmas on sunday evening and then wednesday were celebrating with our HUGE family)..so I had to get my brothers gift and my dads gift..so Im rushing around like a mad women, so I could leave early for the mall, and hoping that I could avoid all the crazy crowds..well somewhere along the way, time slipped away from me, and I soon find that its 1pm..well now Im really rushing around..(side note: my BIGGEST pet peeve is being rushed) so Im starting to get really aggravated..well all of a sudden I hear the mail man, so I run to the door and grab the mail, wish him a wonderful day and then while shifting through bills and ads I came upon a WONDERFUL package, just the cutest thing ever... A PACKAGE from the wonderful Mrs. Vanessa..
so I hurriedly opened it..I mean c'mon..what a cute package, I knew what was coming..I was sooo excited..;p
AHHH..could it be?? Could it really be??YYYAAAYYY!!!! it is..so I hurriedly and excitedly opened it..(I felt like a kid on Christmas day..hehe)YIPPEE!!!!!! Its the magical ring I received from the drawing on Vanessa's blog, you can check it out..!!! she picked 3 names out, and the winners received either a doll house (very cute)..the second name drawn was, Miss Crumpet Dilly Spoonface (such a doll)..and the 3rd name drawn (ME!!!) received a ring..but not just any ring..a MAGICAL RING!! and not to mention the wonderful cards I received with it..take a look::Look how wonderful they are..I love it..oh my..Im in complete awe, because of the wonderful gift..thank you sooooo very much ms Vanessa..you are truly a wonderful friend!!!

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Chickenbells said...

Isn't that just wonderful?!! I jumped for joy when I say that she had picked your name...Congratulations! I just adore Vanessa, and have been trying to coordinate a trip down her way for ages now...I hope we connect soon