What a week it has been...

I unfortunately do not have any pictures for this post...but a brief update...Tropical Storm lee passed through us (Louisiana) and drowned everything..the winds were insane, the rain was insane...it was just horrible...and not to mention, the flipping humidity was agonizing..(I HATE humidity, I seriously can not even express how much I hate humidity)..I know, I know..Im asking for humidity by living in Louisiana..hahaha
T.S. Lee left us with a wonderful parting gift though...temps ranging from 60(in the mornings) and 80s(for the high)....IM IN HEAVEN!!!!!! I have a love affair with fall and winter...they make me sooo giddy and happy..infact, while I write this, I am enjoying 59degree temps, with all the windows open, blanket, coffee, (and spongebob playing in the background) hahaha This is one happy girl!!!

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