New Orleans

The hubby and I decided to take a romantic weekend trip to New Orleans...We acted like tourist, and read up on places that we had not been to before..
(just for some back ground info, we do not live far from New Orleans, and I stayed there for 2yrs awhile back..so I know that place very well) but its refreshing and fun to 'act' like a tourist and ACTUALLY discover something new about your 'home town'.....
Our weekend consisted of TONS if walking...
Tons of food..
 And a few drinks..
The only pictures we had taken are from my husbands iPhone..(we forgot the real camera at home unfortunately)


elsie said...

You're adorable! Hope you had a fun weekend with your hubby! Thank you for the sweet comment.
xo, Elsie

Stevie Leigh said...

Fun! I love getaways with my husband :)