Glamour via 1940s

(Let me start by saying I vow to start updating my blog...life is awesome and Im finally in the groove of married life and loving EVERY minute with my darling hubby..)
This weekend was a very interesting weekend..It started off rainy and dreary, so me and the Mr decided to get out of the house and entertain ourselves...We ended up going to 'Repticon' (which for those of you who are not familiar with this, it is a reptile convention)..also let me say, Im HIGHLY allergic to any cute cuddly furry animals..so this is the only compromise we can come up with for pets..haha

We ended up looking at baby turtles, Chameleons (which we owned one before), spiders (they give me the willies..haha) but finally settled on a sweet female milk snake...

Via Google
I know most of you are probably completely grossed out...but I have been begging my hubby for one..and he finally agreed...:) Her name is Aries..and she is S0o0o0o sweet!!!!

Well after playing with Aries for awhile, we had to get ready for my cousins wedding...It was a very short and sweet wedding.

I decided to try out a vintage look and paired a pencil skirt with a lace top..
Lace top-thrifted
 Please excuse the out of date hair...I was bored the other day and took scissors to my hair..for some reason I decided I wanted bangs...haha NEVER again will I cute my own hair...

Well the next day the Mr and I decided to go see Captain America
image via fansite 
Im completely smitten with the fashion of this era..even as a little girl, I wanted to replicate the hair and makeup of the 1940s..

Any ways, this movie was pretty good..I drooled over the clothing and the glamor of that era, throughout the entire movie..haha

Well Im off to enjoy this moment of sunshine (before the rain comes back)...have a wonderful day!!!


xoxo Kellz* said...

great!! marriage is wonderful...saw ure cooment on keiko Lynns blog...so umm are you in NY and whats a good place to go thrifting?


Stevie Leigh said...

You were SUCH a gorgeous bride. Congrats!